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I am passionate & experienced at meeting YOUR TEAM where you are + helping YOU get where YOU want to GO.

I promise to listen with empathy and challenge you and your team to implement small steps that will make all the difference in achieving YOUR goals. I also promise to apply nearly two decades in the field of education, a Master of Science in Educational Leadership, research from my book, Decision Permission, and my expertise of adult personal & professional learning to each + every collaboration you welcome  me into.

Let's take YOUR journey together!

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Let's Start Here

Speaking + Workshops

Take your group to the NEXT level.

Package 1: Build Confidence -

1 hour speaking engagement

Package 2: Build Confidence, Community, & Capacity-

1-2 hour, interactive workshop

Package 3: Bridge the Gap-

Personalized Leadership Coaching

Friendly Business Team

Team Book Study

Get the MOST out of Decision Permission.

Package 1: Author Meet & Greet - 1 hour book signing + chat with book club

Package 2: Decision Dive - two 1 hour sessions

  • Author Meet & Greet​

  • Deep dive into one State

Package 3: Personalized Permission - three 1 hour sessions 

  • Author Meet & Greet​

  • Deep dive into two States

  • 1:1 initial coaching session with each member

Stay tuned for virtual and local book club opportunities offered to the public.

Discussing Books
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But Wait...
There's MORE!

  • Virtual or In-Person options available​

  • DISCOUNTED, personalized copies of Decision Permission included for all packages!

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Services: Text

Leadership Coaching

"I never wanted you to leave!"

"I'm a recovering people pleaser, and I'm learning to be myself."

"I realized that I'm so focused on logistics that I forget to take care of my employees."

Book Clubs

"You were spot on and approachable!"

"I love the concept of Backward Planning. I have never thought of planning in that way."

"I keep recommending your book to my clients!"

Speaking + Workshops

"I feel much more capable as professional."

"I've heard a LOT of facilitators... you did such a great job relating your workshop to our jobs. You made it so relevant."

"You were able to connect my role at work to your training, and I LOVED your virtual camera chat session!"

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Featured Clients & Collaborators

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A Young Man with a Notebook

Do the Work.

“You can't always tell who HASN'T done their work, but it's always obvious who HAS."


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